The life and works of moliere

The Misanthrope

Although his father clearly intended him to take over his royal appointment, the young man renounced it inapparently determined to break with tradition and seek a living on the stage.

His plays, however, have transcended the times and the society for which they were written; and the very probes into human nature which caused him such difficulty during his lifetime have gained for him a lasting reputation as dramatist and satirist. As it happens, he is in the right, but he can never prove it.

Many of his dialogues start with politeness and end in open insults. Two of the plays were in fact pirated. This view is also evident in his later works, and was a source of inspiration for many later authors, including in a different field and with different effect Luigi Pirandello.

The "Quarrel" served to establish comedy as an accepted form of literature. The latter group must resort to extraordinary means in order to convince Orgon of his error.

As soon as the King left Paris for a tour, Lamoignon and the archbishop banned the play. When overcome by a coughing spell onstage, he exaggerated it in an attempt to make the audience laugh.

After a period of refurbishment they opened there on 20 January His characters are imagined as excitable and excited to the point of incoherence.

The life and works of moliere

He sacrifices plot to drama, vivacity, a sense of life. Other playwrights and companies began to emulate his dramatic style in England and in France. At the time, it was common for lay directors of conscience to be placed in families to reprove and reform conduct.

These plays gave great pleasure to Louis XIV and his court, and the libertine dramatist took equal pleasure in creating these paeans to freedom, love, and joy.

A French genius After the French were roundly defeated in the Franco-German War —71they looked to strengthen two cultural institutions that, they believed, were the sources of their weakness: More than 60 performances were given that year alone.

La Fontaine 's is visible just beyond. The final version contains two seduction scenes and a shift of interest to the comic paradox in Tartuffe himself, posing as an inhuman ascetic while by nature he is an all-too-human lecher.

He died that same night, attended only by two nuns, having been refused the right to see a priest. As the beaten servant in Amphitryon observes:MOLIERE - French Dramatist La Comédie Française or le Théâtre Français -- the French national theater -- was founded in in Paris by merging three existing companies: the Hôtel de Bourgogne, the Théâtre du Marais, and the troupe of Molière.

Molière - Essay

Molière is an illustrious 17th century French dramatist, actor and playwright. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, works, achievements, life Place Of Birth: Paris.

MoliÈre Biography

Toward the end of his life, Molière arranged for the publication of an attractive edition of his complete works; that edition, however, did not appear until about 10 years after his death. Ever attentive to furthering his status as a preeminent man of letters in Europe, Molière walked the fine line between his role as a literary lion and his.

MoliÈre Biography

Early life and beginnings in theatre. Molière was born (and died) in the heart of mother died when he was 10 years old; his father, one of the appointed furnishers of the royal household, gave him a good education at the Collège de Clermont (the school that, as the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, was to train so many brilliant Frenchmen, including Voltaire).

Early life Molière was born Jean Baptiste Poquelin in Paris, France, on January 15, His father was a successful upholsterer (one who puts soft coverings Died: Feb 17, The Dramatic Works of Mr.

de Molière 6 vols., SOURCE: “Molière and Tartuffe: Recrimination and Reconciliation,” in The French Review, Vol. 62, No. 5.

The life and works of moliere
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